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By Donald Moffitt

ISBN-10: 0345365747

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The formidable Sultan of Alpha Centauri can in basic terms declare the illustrious identify of Caliph if he makes a ritual pilgrimage to the holy urban of Mecca. This trip accomplished, he'll rule the complete inhabitants of the larger Islamic universe. yet human wisdom has now not but been capable of conquer the numerous demanding situations provided by means of interplanetary trip. in spite of the fact that, the Sultan resourcefully enlists the aid of Abdul Hamid-Jones, a shrewdpermanent fugitive with a cost on his head and the legislation on his heels. Thrown into the bewildering global of the Sultan's schemes, Abdul gets a hasty advent to complicated physics and the much more advanced political intrigues of the Sultan's court docket. liable for the winning execution of the Sultan's plan, Abdul slowly realizes with horror that the destiny of the total sun approach will be resting on his shoulders.

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Hamid-Jones knew all about the Awads' servant. Aziz had pumped him for the information that had made tonight's adven-ture possible—including the rooftop layout and the signs that pointed to another all-night drinking bout by his employer—and had advanced the scurvy fellow some small funds for the low entertainments that would keep him out of the way this night. "I can't wait, my love," Hamid-Jones said hoarsely, trying to pry her loose and failing. Locked together in an awkward tangle of intertwined legs and clinging arms, they staggered in an off-balance union toward the bedroom.

Yes, madame, thank you. " She left, clucking to herself. Hamid-Jones turned to Aziz and lit into him. "So, you're not satisfied with your nighttime debaucheries! You have to go out early in the morning to wallow with your paradise girls! And before breakfast—the morning prayer, too! " "It's not paradise girls, master," Aziz protested. "That's all over. " "It's true, master. With a very respectable widow. We've done nothing more than hold hands. She's my rose, my treasure, my garden of delights.

Musa countered. "Our money was on the Vizier, too. The important thing was that the Clonemaster trusted him. " The shock made Hamid-Jones's knees go weak. How stupid he had been! There had been no need for him to have sneaked around behind the Clonemaster's back to woo Lalla. He need only have waited! "That's why we're going to trust you now, ya Abdul," Dris said, fingering his gun again. " "We're collecting our dues," Tawfiq added. "I don't see how I can help," Hamid-Jones protested, his head swimming with the new knowledge.

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A Gathering of Stars (Book Two of the Mechanical Sky) by Donald Moffitt

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Read e-book online A Gathering of Stars (Book Two of the Mechanical Sky) PDF
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