A Г-convergence result for doubling metric measures and - download pdf or read online

By Baldi A., Franchi B.

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31 recto (see Cavallo, Ricerche, pl. 99; idem, “Considerazioni di un paleografo per la data e l’origine dell’ «Iliade Ambrosiana»,” in Guglielmo Cavallo, Il calamo e i l papiro: L a s crittura greca d all’età ellenistica ai primi s ecoli di B isanzio (Papyrologica Florentina 36; Firenze: Edizioni Gonnelli, 2005), 163-174, pl. XLIII-XLIV. 17 Usually the margin next to the binding is preserved best as this part was most protected against damage from outside. Duk. inv. 778, ed. by Amphilochios Papathomas and Csaba A.

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A Г-convergence result for doubling metric measures and associated perimeters by Baldi A., Franchi B.

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A Г-convergence result for doubling metric measures and - download pdf or read online
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